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The NBXL is an American professional basketball league playing in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, two of the safest and richest cities in the world, featuring some of the best players in the world.l

The NBXL schedule will run from November through end of March. The NBXL league wants to be composed of the very best players, coaches and staff available outside the NBA.


The NBXL has a single-entity business model where the league owns and operates all of the teams with the goal of franchising teams in the future..

Since 2009, Christian Villar, league founder/owner has been studying why so many team, leagues, and sports venture fail. But instead of just studying he decided to try a business model that would work using a single team entity to get real experience and prove to himself it can be done by doing it alone so no one else would make him fail. At that time he had just return from playing professional basketball overseas and noticed that the NBA G-League had something special developing.  So instead of creating a league he created the NJ-Pros, a professional basketball team, so that he could continue playing the game he loves while still pursuing his entrepreneurship and business ventures.  Originally he was going to try to buy a franchise in the G-League but once he found out that at that time if you did buy a franchise the NBA parent team would run all basketball operations while you pretty much did all the community work.  So instead he decided start small and join an independent professional basketball league to learn the business while having full control of his team.    


His journey includes having his the NJ-Pros play in 3 different independent professional basketball league from 2009 to 2014 in the USA.  At the conclusion of the 2014 season he decided to make the NJ-Pros an independent professional basketball team composed of players with NBA, NBA G-League, and international professional playing experience with former NBA players Craig Hodges and Felipe Lopez as coaches.


During their independent run he hosted showcase games, NJ-Pros white vs red squad, prior or after NBA G-league games. International competition included tours playing exhibition games against other top professional basketball team from various international professional basketball leagues.  As well as games against FIBA National teams such as the Dominican Republic Men's National team and the USA Men's World Cup Qualifying team for the 2020 Olympic Games. 


Last but not least prior to establishing the NBXL he was granted a private meeting with NBA Deputy Commissioner, Mark Tatum, to discuss his business model and other private matters that led to the creation of the NBXL. 

In the span of 10 years he learned everything needed to turn his single team entity and replicating it into multiple franchises to create what is now the NBXL professional basketball league.  He has figured out exactly what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly he has established relationships, credibility with other leagues, owners, agents, players, institutions and businesses that provide a wealth of resources that few may have to access to.


His 15 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur and consultant in his consulting firm serving both in the for profit and nonprofit sectors also helps. Taking risks and making visions into reality is nothing new to Villar because he practices what he preaches to his clients. Three years ago he set out to create his own independent sneaker company/brand, The Pros Brand, while being told that because so many have tried and fail it couldn’t be done. Let’s just say he went from not having shoes to wear as a young boy in the Dominican Republic to now walking in his own shoes in every sense of the word because he not only created such brand/company but also opened a store to sell them in as well. The NBXL is nothing new for Villar, just like The Pros Brand  and NJ-Pros, is just a continuation of the vision.  Stay tune as the time for NBXL league, to succeed where so many have failed, has arrived.

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