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Advisory Board Members & NBXL Teams co-owners

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It’s an honor and privilege to formally introduce Bill Janetscheck as NBXL Advisory Board Chairman and co-owner of one of the NBXL league-owned teams. 

Mr. Janescheck is the Board of Trustee Chairman of St. John’s University in Queens NY. He is also part owner of Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins.

Mr. Janetschek, joined Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. (KKR) as a partner and its Chief Financial Officer in 1997 and retired in 2020. He was also a member of of KKR’s Balance Sheet Committee, Global Valuation Committee and Risk and Operations Committee. Prior to Joining KKR he was a Tax Partner at Deloitte & Touch LLP. He has served on the Board of Directors of Freedom Acquisition I. Corp. (NYSE: Fact) a special purpose acquisition company since February 2021. He holds a B.S. from St. John’s University and an M.S. from Pace University.

His professional background in serving as chairman in other boards, financial expertise and being a professional sports team owner makes Mr. Janetscheck the right person to help lead and guide NBXL executives and other advisory board members into making sure the NBXL becomes one of the best professional basketball leagues in the world.


It’s an honor and privilege to formally introduce one of the NBXL’s league-owned team co-owners and power couple Joe & Julie Foster. They are both currently members of the NBXL advisory board as well and brings a wealth of experience and resources to the NBXL. 

Joe Foster is the founder of Reebok, while Julie Foster is the managing director of JW Foster Heritage LTD.

Joe Foster and Julie Foster exemplify the qualities of successful entrepreneurs, showcasing their remarkable journey of establishing a global brand while actively contributing to the community. Their story serves as a compelling reminder of the immense power found in unwavering determination, relentless hard work, and a refusal to surrender just as NBXL founder/owner Christian Villar has done with the NBXL and The Pros Brand. 

Julie Foster, as the managing director of JW Foster Heritage, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her current position, safeguarding the history of the Reebok brand while actively supporting startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with invaluable advice and resources.

Furthermore, Julie places immense importance on the act of giving back to the community. Her involvement in philanthropic endeavors and community-building initiatives through organizations such as Let’s Localize and Global Woman Club exemplify her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the world. Beyond her philanthropic work, Julie also serves as a mentor to numerous aspiring entrepreneurs, assisting them in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the fiercely competitive business landscape.


It’s an honor and privilege to formally introduce one of the NBXL advisory board member and NBXL’s league-owned teams co-owners Abdulraheem Alhashemi.

Abdulraheem Alhashemi, serves in Abu Dhabi Sports Council as the Events Study Section Head. He has been instrumental in helping NBXL league founder/owner, Christian Villar. For the past two years he has helped Villar in understanding the culture and business operations in the UAE. Most importantly developing strategies and a foundation on how to build relationships that will bring communities closer and expand our international foot print through sports across the UAE and globally. The wealth of experience and resources he brings to the NBXL is second to none.


It’s an honor and privilege to formally introduce one of the NBXL’s league-owned team co-owner Oksana Walker. Oksana is currently also one of the NBXL advisory board members as well and brings a wealth of experience and resources to the NBXL. 

As an official Mandate for a number of Sheikh’s Offices, Oksana understands the inside world of the UAE and the Gulf region. Her scope comprises Investment opportunities and authorizes her to initiate meetings on behalf of the Private Offices, discuss concepts, create brand awareness, shortlist, scrutinize and coordinate investment projects. 

In addition, Oksana is mandated by several companies outside the Gulf region to introduce their innovations to the Sheikh’s Private Offices and organize tabletop meetings for the full project presentation. 

Oksana serves on the Advisory Board of a number of other respected and prestigious companies as well, including charitable organizations. 

Oksana owns several companies and acts as a shareholder of multiple strategic start-ups. She flies under the radar when she is involved with her charities; prefers to be a silent investor, but certainly makes headlines when she organizes her Networking events.

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It’s an honor and privilege to formally introduce Dunstan Paul Rozairo who joins the NBXL’s advisory board as a member and a co-owner of an NBXL league-owned team.

Dunstan is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and has served as the Managing Director of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Obaid Thani Al Maktoum’s Private Office since 1989. For the previous 35 years, he had been assigned to supervise and execute various multi-million-dollar projects in Dubai.

Currently, he has founded and run multiple businesses in various industries; M/s Jaber Al Measam Building Contracting LLC (Dubai UAE), M/s DJMC Events ( Dubai UAE), M/s Seagate Technical Services LLC (Dubai UAE), M/s ASL Entertainment (Vie Fashion Week)(Dubai UAE) M/s Magic Touch Global General Trading LLC,( Dubai UAE) M/s JMH Real Estate( Dubai UAE) M/s Triple Dee Investments LLC (Dubai UAE) M/s Fairfields Global Lawyers LLC (Dubai UAE) M/s Best Royal Trips Travels and Tourism (Dubai UAE) M/s Triple D Australia PTV LTD (Perth Australia) M/s Dwellings Real Estate (Melbourne Australia) M/s Happy Holidays Travels and Tourism PTV LTD (Melbourne Australia).

Dunstan’s impressive track record in business and event management in Dubai not only will contribute to the success of NBXL both on and off the court but also strengthens the advisory board. His expertise and experience bring valuable insights and guidance to help NBXL thrive in all aspects of its operations.

Christian Villar, the owner and founder of the NBXL, is filled with gratitude for the warm welcome and unwavering support he has received from Dunstan. Their relationship blossomed when Dunstan personally invited Villar to Dubai in 2020 for the launch of The Pros Brand. Since then, Dunstan has become like family to Villar, offering unwavering support as Villar established NBXL and also assisting Dunstan in the development of DJMC boxing events. This strong bond and mutual support have played a crucial role in the growth and success of both ventures.


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