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The JR NBXL mission is to develop next generation pros, on and off the courts, for the NBXL. We provide recreational and educational programs both domestically and internationally. Educational programs will focus on financial literature, entrepreneurship, leadership, knowing your rights, community services, and personal development.

On March 10th and 11th 2022 the NBXL participated in EXPO2020 Dubai by providing two days of basketball activities. This was a historic event that had over 24 million visitors from all over the world. On day one we held basketball clinics for Dubai schools visiting the Expo. On day 2 we hosted a 4 team basketball cup featuring 2 schools and 2 basketball academies from Dubai. We also handed out over 100 bags with notebooks for each participating player this is something we have done since 2009 in every city and country we have visited. The champions and runner up team received sneaker sponsorship, from The Pros Brand, for each of its players and coaches.


On May 2022 and June 2023 the NBXL sponsored and assisted with the hosting of the Dubai Schools Games basketball championships an initiative by Dubai Sports Council featuring more than 150 private and public schools. The NBXL provided backpacks filled with school supplies, team trophies for winning teams as well as MVP trophies for winning team most valuable player. In conjunction with The Pros Brand it also provided free sneakers for students and athletes that demonstrated sportsmanship during the 4 day event at the World Trade Centre.

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