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USA/Middle East, September 17, 2023 - The NBXL, the first-ever USA/Middle East based independent professional basketball league, is excited to announce its highly anticipated inaugural season, set to commence in 2024. The mission of the NBXL is not only revolutionize the sport but also promote tourism, diversify economies, and enhance the quality of life in the USA and Middle East. With a bold vision to rank among the best professional basketball leagues worldwide, the NBXL aims to provide players with new and exciting opportunities by playing in the USA and Middle East under one single entity league.

Founder and owner of the NBXL, Christian Villar, expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming season, stating, "Our vision is not going to happen overnight, but rest assured, WE COMING!" Within the depths of our soul lies an unwavering spirit, fueled by perseverance and determination. With "WE COMING' as our motto for the 2024 season, we embrace boldness, bravery, and the courage to challenge the current system. Fearlessly, we march forward, unyielding to obstacles, for we are driven by purpose and resolute in our independence."


The league has spent years meticulously planning its launch, engaging in extensive research, and understanding the dynamics of local, national, and international basketball markets. During its first phase, from 2009 to 2020, the NBXL focused on studying and testing basketball markets in the USA and Latin America. Building upon this foundation, the league turned its attention to the Middle East for the past three years, further refining its strategies and gaining a deep understanding of the region's unique dynamics.

Now entering its second phase, the NBXL is prepared to embark on an intense and captivating inaugural season, serving as a proof of concept test run. The league aims to establish itself as an alternative force in non-NBA markets across the United States and the Middle East. Players can expect competitive pay and an exceptional level of play as the NBXL strives to make its mark within the basketball world.

The highly anticipated short inaugural season will feature 33 league games, including an exhilarating all-star game. Each of the four league owned teams will have the opportunity to participate in 15 games, giving them a chance to compete for the in-season tournament cup championship and the prestigious NBXL league championship games. The league has planned these events in both the USA and the Middle East, showcasing its commitment to fostering a global basketball community.


The third and final phase, taking place after the inaugural season, will be to offer NBA free agents, G League players, top international talents, and emerging stars the pay they deserve. In the USA, players are currently limited to either the NBA or the G League, leaving them with limited options when it comes to salary negotiations. The NBXL aims to provide an alternative for players, ensuring they have more options and opportunities for growth within the basketball industry.

In addition, it is important to note that NBA G League players typically earn a salary of only around $40,000 per season, with the exception of two-way players and those on the Ignite team. This income further emphasizes the need for the NBXL to provide better opportunities for these players to receive fair compensation for their talents and contributions to the sport.


The NBXL is committed to prioritizing the well-being and success of its players. The league aims to disrupt the current basketball system by placing players at the forefront, recognizing that without them, there would be no league. As part of this player-centric approach, the NBXL will offer players the opportunity to have equity in the league, a groundbreaking initiative in professional basketball. The NBXL, has a non-import rule that allows players from any location and status to participate. If you can play at the highest levels, then our league is the perfect fit for you!

As the countdown to the 2024 inaugural season begins, basketball enthusiasts around the world should stay tuned for major announcement coming up about the NBXL's entry into the basketball scene. With its innovative approach, commitment to players, and a vision for global recognition, the NBXL is poised to make waves and reshape the landscape of professional basketball.


About NBXL:

NBXL is the first-ever single entity USA/Middle East based independent professional basketball league integrating national and international league play. With franchises in New York, New Jersey, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, NBXL aims to redefine professional basketball and deliver an exhilarating experience for players and fans worldwide. For more information, visit

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