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NBXL Announces Franchise Locations


NBXL USA-UAE Franchise locatons

USA/UAE, August 12, 2023- NBXL, the first-ever single entity USA/Middle East based independent professional basketball league, is thrilled to confirm the four franchise locations for its highly-anticipated inaugural season. New York, New Jersey, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi have been selected as the prestigious homes of NBXL franchises, solidifying the league's global reach and showcasing its unwavering commitment to excellence. There are also plans of adding an NBXL franchise in Saudi Arabia, if not in the inaugural season, in the near future.

By strategically choosing New York and New Jersey as franchise locations, NBXL is tapping into the rich basketball culture and passionate fanbase of the East Coast. These iconic states have a deep-rooted history in basketball and are known for producing top-tier talent. NBXL's presence in these regions will undoubtedly ignite the enthusiasm of local fans and provide an unparalleled experience for players.

Expanding beyond the United States, NBXL has chosen Dubai and Abu Dhabi as international franchise locations. These vibrant cities in the United Arab Emirates are renowned for their love of sports and have become global hubs for major sporting events. By establishing franchises in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, NBXL is not only introducing its innovative brand of basketball to an international audience but also promoting Middle East to USA fans while games are played in NY and NJ throughout the season.

NBXL's unique single entity model allows for the integration of national and international league play simultaneously, setting NBXL apart from other leagues and providing an exceptional experience for players, and fans alike. The league aims to offer players the best of both worlds - with the NBXL no import rule, elite players no longer have to make the difficult choice between playing domestically or internationally.

Christian Villar, the visionary founder and owner of NBXL, has spent over a decade studying and researching other leagues and has finally found a loophole that will allow the NBXL to play during a time it will not compete with other leagues and strategic locations.

To enhance the excitement and create a playoff-like atmosphere throughout the season, NBXL will feature a shorter season with fewer games. NBXL will introduce an in-season tournament cup besides the season championship, further elevating the competitive spirit and captivating fans.

In anticipation of the upcoming season, NBXL is currently filming a captivating documentary that will provide fans with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the league. Basketball enthusiasts can eagerly await the announcement of franchise team names and other thrilling updates, as NBXL promises to redefine professional basketball and deliver an exhilarating experience for fans in the USA, Middle East, and around the world.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements, including the revealing of franchise team names and more exciting developments from NBXL.


About NBXL:

NBXL is the first-ever single entity USA/Middle East based independent professional basketball league integrating national and international league play. With franchises in New York, New Jersey, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, NBXL aims to redefine professional basketball and deliver an exhilarating experience for players and fans worldwide. For more information, visit


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